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Associate Minister of the Hamburg Pike church of Christ

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  Irvin Williams, married to the one person in this world God knew I needed to make my life complete: Norma Williams

  I became a Christian at the age of seventeen, baptized into Christ by Brother Roy Burgess at the Atwood Street Church of Christ in Louisville, Ky.

  Shortly after my baptism I preached my first gospel sermon, with Brother Burgess help and insistence, at the Atwood Street Church. Since then I have had the privilege to preach several places for short periods of time, as they sought a minister: Shelbyville Ky., Steedley Drive in Louisville, Bardstown, Ky., Boneventure Church in Louisville.

  In 1983, I was one of several persons who preached for the South Clark Church.

  In 1993, I retired from secular work and was asked to preach for the South Clark congregation and the next nineteen years were spent with those folks.

  God has continually blessed me; and now has given me the opportunity to labor with the Hamburg Pike Church as an associate with David. What a blessing to have this opportunity with all of the Hamburg Pike family!

Irvin and Norma Williams

“Personal Evangelism”
-Irvin Williams